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SHPI is a leading manufacturer of ;
1) Offshore CCU (Cargo Carrying Unit) such as Container, Cargo Basket, Mud (Drill Cutting) Skip, Gas Cylinder Rack, Lifting Frame, Tool Boxes and others, which are all certified based on DNV 2.7-1 (both Lloyd Register and DNV-GL certification are available).
2) Offshore Accommodation Modules (A60 and Zone rated)
3) CKD Parts (for U.S. Military Container / Van Trailers for North American Market)
4) Waste (Disposal) Containers
5) Waste (PET) Recycling Resin

All Korean top management (including Managing Director) run the company with their 25 years of industry experience. Hong Kong based headquarter with its manufacturing facilities in South China, which makes SHPI access to customer with effect through world’s busiest port (Shenzhen and Hong Kong).


Our Vision is to be the most reliable and committed supplier to our client with the highest-quality products and services.


Our Mission is to develop and maintain strong relationship with new and existing customers by offering the highest quality products with on-time delivery. Offering innovative engineering services with reliability and committed production control exceeding customer request.


Top Management
BH (Byung-Ho) Lee, CEO & Managing Director
HJ (Ho-Joong) Kim, General Manager (Chaoren factory)
BJ (Boo-Jong) Yu, General Manager (Hetang factory)

Representative (for Sales Office)
YW (Yong-Whan) Lee, Director & Representative of London (U.K.) Office
Don (Dong-Hun) Kim, Director & Representative of San Diego (U.S.A.) Office
Frank (Feng-He) Choi, Senior Manager & Representative of Shenzhen (China) Office
Irene Demafiles, Senior Manager & Representative of Hong Kong Office

Representative (for Manufacturing facilities)
HJ (Ho-Joong) Kim, General Manager (SHPI Jiangmen Limited at Chaoren, Jiangmen, China)
BJ (Boo-Jong) Yu, General Manager (SHPI Limited at Hetang, Jiangmen, China)
KK (Kwang-Ki) Lee, General Manager (SHPI USA De Mexico – BC, Ensenada, Mexico)

Quality Control
DW(Dong-Wook) Choi, Director

Jackson Lee, Executive Senior Manager

Jack Tan, Executive Senior Manager



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