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With over 100 years of combined experience in container design and manufacturing, SHPI provides its utmost efforts to be a reliable and trusted supplier of specialized containers (Offshore, Military, Flat Rack, Parts, and Waste Refuse).

1. Offshore Container Products

  1. Why use DNV Equipment?
    • Only DNV certified Slings and Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs) are built and designed specifically for offshore use.
    • Only container manufacturers who are registered and approved by a recognized international certification body’s scheme, such as Lloyd’s Register, are authorised to manufacture certified CCUs.
    • The CCU design, welder’s qualifications and inspection criteria have been developed to an international standard BS EN 12079:2006 & DNV2.7-1(2006) to meet the rigors of the industry.
    • Only lifting manufacturers who are registered and approved by a recognized international certification body’s scheme, such as BSI, are authorized to manufacture certified slings and attach pre-approved shackles in accordance with The Machinery Directive 98/37/EEC.
    • “If it’s not certified“ you run the risk of a lifting failure or worse, a fatality.
  2. Reasons not to use an ISO Box in Oilfield
    • The strength of an ISO box is in its corrugated side panels and corner posts.
    • The tare weight is half that of a DNV unit.
    • They are more prone to impact damage due to their softer structure.
    • There are no lateral or horizontal internal strengthening bars.
    • ISO boxes are designed to be lifted ONLY by a ridged beam top spreader.
  3. DNV “fit for purpose” design
    • Pad-eyes for lifting
    • Designed to be slung
    • Offshore Data Plate
    • DNV stamped sling
    • Internal strengthening bars
    • Door hinge protectors

2. Government Container and Flatrack

  1. Government Modular Container
    • It was proven that ISO modular containers are the most efficient equipment to move facilities and other equipment in combat field by most government.
    • In addition, based on modular container operation, world government offices are considering more “value-added modular containers” such as accommodations, kitchens, laundry room, shower booth and toilet.
    • To provide more safe and comfortable environment in combat field, the demand of modular containers including “value-added units” from various government entities would be increasing.
    • As an effort to meet these increasing government container products, SHPI is supplying modular containers (in assembly kits or/and in whole) to different countries.
  2. Flatrack
    • Started Flatrack production from March 2008 with our hinge design.
    • Flatrack customers include HMM, TEX, Bridgehead, Blue Sky, Seaboard, etc.
    • Our hinge design is based on Seadeck type or Conical type which has been proven its quality with many years of field operation.
    • Coil spring & Floorboard is provided by specialized vendor in U.K. & Denmark.
    • Production capacity is 20 units per day.

3. Part Division for Container, Trailer and Chassis

  • Container Kits for government containers (Tricon and Quadcon). (view images)
  • Fabricated, Casts and Forged Parts for Trailers & Chassis. (view images)

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